Baros GmbH is an owner-managed company based in Hannover which was founded in 2004. Under the a-rival and Blaupunkt brands, it develops and distributes products that help make users’ mobile lifestyles more convenient:

  • Navigation systems for passenger cars, trucks, for camping use and on motorbikes and bicycles
  • Tablet PCs
  • Cameras (CarCams and aQtionCams)
  • Sports / Outdoor (GPS training computer, Fitband, golf watch, Cadence- and speed sensors, heart rate sensors, etc.)
  • Outdoor products (GPS training computers, cadence/speed sensors, heart rate sensors, etc.)
  • Health Care Products (body analytics scale, blood pressure monitor, nutritional scale, oximeters, etc.)

The strategic and design aspects of product development are handled in-house – in line with individual customer specifications, if required.

Keep it short and simple!

This philosophy is the top priority at Baros. For example, the focus is always on achieving good value for money and avoiding too much technical complexity in order to ensure the long-term satisfaction of sales partners and customers.

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